Delirium – Janice Raquela Mendonca

 My body craves sleep
My mind is depraved
My eyes hunger for comatose My bones are tired
Sleep is elusive
My passion lacks enthusiasm
My being is restless
Enraged at my own helplessness
I want to…
But, somehow I fall short
Of energy and peace.
Such a delicate balance
Between the two
Has never been known to man.
It’s been dealt with caution 
As if it were ticking time bomb.
Like a domino effect
One falls, and all else follows suit.
Cause and effect 
Sleepless with Irritation
Diving into the abyss
In this whirl of kaleidoscope.
Wretched thoughts 
Consume me
Murderous mind
Playing tricks on me.
And I give in
All in search of
That divine sleep
Which haunts me.
Eats away…
eludes me.
And threatens to end logic.

Quillopia is a youth literature magazine run by young people.

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